Welcome to Lavender Sabgalle’s blog! This is the very first post in a series of hopefully many more to come. This blog closely follows Lavender’s tweets @lavenderinleeds, providing background, images and other interesting tidbits to expand on the taciturn tweets.

Lavender Sabgalle is a fictional character, but she will be blogging and tweeting from the very much real year 1912 in Leeds, the up-and-coming art and culture hub in the north of England. 

Lavender was born in 1872 in Leeds. She is an enlightened, cultured and very busy lady, the widow of the late Mr Stanley Sabgalle, photographer. Her only daughter Isabella studies art in the Slade in London. Although she has a scholarship, Lavender works hard to support her talented daughter’s career in the capital. She work as a typist in the newly appointed Sir Michael Sadler Vice Chancellor’s office at the University of Leeds. She is a member of the Leeds Art Club, the Philosophical Society and many other social and cultural institutions and movements and has a keen interest in all that’s art! Her place of employment and her daughter in London are wonderful sources of news about the art world for her.

Enjoy the crazy and wonderful art world and everyday life through Lavender’s eyes – and don’t forget to visit the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery where her ghost is sometimes heard scribbling sarcastic remarks on the margin of the Council Chamber minutes in her shorthand pad!

Background information, interesting links and quotes will be added in block quotes like this.

Please note that Lavender’s blog is not based on detailed scholarly research. We do try to use authentic sources to recreate the atmosphere of Lavender’s world, but bear in mind that it is a half-fictional blog for light learning and entertainment. If you find errors, mistakes or uncredited information, please leave a comment!