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Wallace Hartley was one of the musicians who ‘played on’ as the Titanic sank. One of my aunts, who lives in Dewsbury knew him! He was a member of the Leeds Professional Musicians.  This whole business with the Titanic is just so tragic! Apparently Mr Hartley was one of the eight band members who played as the ship was sinking and the passengers were attempting to board lifeboats.  All the orchestra members died that day!

Everyone in Leeds was shocked and saddened by his untimely death so his music association set up the “Wallace Hartley” Memorial Fund Committee to raise funds to commemorate this tragic loss. It is a beautiful gesture to do so by purchasing art for everyone’s enjoyment I think. I hope to have maybe an eeny-weeny paiting hung in my memory somewhere in Leeds when it’s my turn to go. I should really let Isabella know of this hope of mine.

Well, earlier this month they forwarded a generous cheque to the Library and Arts Committee to purchase a commemorative artwork to be displayed in the Leeds City Art Gallery in their permanent collection. Now I’ve heard that they have their eye on “Outward Bound” by a Frederick Cayley Robinson. They say he’s a symbolist and a visionary artist so I’m itching to see it already!

Lavender just has to be patient a little longer, but you can have a peep at the artwork here – or visit the Leeds Art Gallery!

Source: http://wyascatablogue.wordpress.com/