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A new cinema will open in a week in the Woodhouse district. So close to University! It will have over 400 seats! It was originally planned in the summer as the Empire Picture Palace built for the Universal Cinema Co. and designed by the Leeds based theatre-architects Chadwick & Watson.

In the end it will open  on Monday 30 September as the Alexandra, with a 3-reeler “The Sphynx” and “The Passer-By”. The latter one is with George Lessey who played Romeo on film last year. A dashing young man!

I had a peek at the building last week and it doesn’t look too grand, but the awnings and signs were yet to be installed so I think it will look pretty neat in the end. I wonder if it will attract the same crowds as the one downtown!

Picture and info from: http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/38429

Alexandra Picture Theatre: 10a Camp Rd, Woodhouse, Leeds, LS6. This street is now called Servia Hill continuing as Oatland Lane.

The picture theatre was closed on 9th April 1938 with Otto Kruger in “Counsel For Crime”, and has since been demolished.

Chadwick and Watson Architects designed the Empire Theatre in Dewsbury three years before the Alexandra and then they went on to design and built Bradford’s iconic Alhambra Theatre in 1914, which they described as “English renaissance of the Georgian period.”