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I called in sick this morning and did my Christmas shopping. How else are we expected to get anything for our families when we work the same hours as the shopkeepers? So I sent a note in the evening post yesterday and this morning I got on the tram wearing a scarf over my hat to hide my shameful face. In the best Sabgalle tradition (yes, I’m looking at you, my dear daughter Isabella!) I was playing truant sampling Christmas goodies in the furthest possible place with civilised merchandise: West Park.

There is a new quarter of fashionable modern ‘homesteads’ taking shape west of the Weetwood Park estate so the whole area is transforming. Apparently next year an elegant parade of shops will open on the Otley Road. Well, I couldn’t wait that long so I got my humble presents at the Jessop’s fine groceries and at Taunt’s.The best part of the day was when I spotted Jones, also off ill, hurrying to catch the tram at the Three Horse Shoes. Hah! Christmas seems to be truly demoralising.

Have a glad Christmas and be merry!

Baby on paper moon

Source, David Hall, Far Headingley, Weetwood and West Park, far Headingley Village Society, 2000, p. 181

The shops did open the following year. Patience, Lavender, patience!Jessops and Taunt’s are made up names, but the rest is true. The trams ran to West Park  from as early as 1908, when the line was extended from the Three Horse Shoes. In 1913 it was further extended to Lawnswood.